Friday, June 12

Days 17-18

Exhausted beyond reason because someone(s) decided they have to go to the bathroom at 3 a.m. and at 6 a.m. the same someone's decide to bark uncontrollably at mice.

Is this what children are like, minus the barking?

One more day.


Joy Candrian said...

Add crying to the mix...luckily babies don't bark unless they're sick and their sad noices can sound like a bark. YOU can MAKE it for ONE more DAY!

Brittany said...

I do not understand people and their dogs. If I ever get a dog, it will be a big one who does not sleep indoors.

And I'm pretty sure children are probably worse.

Carlita said...

i think dogs would be worse than children. i am holding off as long as possible for a dog... because one day i will cave for Matt. however, i will wait and make him really work hard for a dog because i just think they are so darn annoying and dirty!

you may not be buying a house, but you're in AFRICA!! I don't even really know what you're doing there, but I just love it that you're there!