Monday, May 17

No Place Like Home

No matter where I live in the world, and no matter how much I love where I'm living, there's always something nice about being "home", in a place that's so familiar, and so comforting. I don't ever see myself ending up back in Utah, but despite that fact, I love to be home, sleeping in my own bed, having home cooked meals (not made by me), and getting to spend time with my parents.

Favorite things about last weekend:

FINALLY finding a wedding dress
Figuring out most of the wedding plans...and the wedding is still 2 months away,
Wedding planning is a breeze (heavy sarcasm included)
Sleeping in until 11 almost every day (having mono allows for laziness)
Spending Mother's Day with my Mom
Hanging out with good friends
Spending every afternoon with my was nice not having him really work last week
Eating Dunford chocolate cake favorite
Working at Joe Morley's for a night...why not make a few extra bucks on vacation?
Spending Mother daughter night at Tai that store!

Oh, there really is no place like home...I'll be back in a few weeks!


Joy said...

Nice having you home!

Taylor Family said...

Sorry I wasn't able to meet up with about your cake, but I would love to make it for you!!! I talked to your mom last night and she said you had a few pics of some cakes, my email is send me those and we can talk about the details:)

Colie said...


Stephy said...

need to see pictures of the wedding dress!