Monday, May 10

R.I.P. Okie and Acron

I just received the most tragic text message from my roommate:
"Can I ask you a questions? How attached were you to those frogs?"
And I instantly knew they were gone. Between the three of us, in our house, there exists, two dogs, a cat, and the recently departed Okie and Acorn. I'd be lying if I said it was no big deal. Heck, they're just frogs, right? And let's be honest, it took me an entire week of being in Oklahoma to even realize that the little guys were still at John's house. It's true, I forgot about them, after I was so adamant that if I was moving to Oklahoma, so were they. I knew they'd survive the trek.What I didn't know is that Lord Bryron, the feisty little cat, would be the cause of their death. I'm glad I'm not there have to see it first hand.
So sad...she said she'd get me more, but it just won't ever be the same. It's like saying you're going to replace a child, some things are kind of irreplaceable...ok, maybe it's not exactly the same, but pretty darn close.
R.I.P. little guys!!


Lauren Kay said...


(Is it bad that I'm kind of laughing...?)

AJ Candrian said...

SHUT UP!!!! I am so mad at that cat! I bet the poor frogs were terrified! Make the roommie buy you new ones!

Brittany said...

What!?! What was the cat doing in your room? That is tragic to the max! I would definitely make her buy you new frogs! Don't tell her "It's okay!"

Colie said...

It's sad but I think you'll be okay because now you have Okie - the real one!